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1. Is there link between ill fitting bra and back ache, neck ache and postural problems?? 70-80% of women wear wrong sized bras. As its been warned by experts it causes chronic back pain, poor posture, neck pain, shoulder pain, heartburn and pinched nerves in neck leads to pins and needles sensation.   Narrow and … Continue reading Article

Toning of Shoes

1. Does toning of shoes actually help in toning the different parts of body? What are the parts that may get maximum benefit? Rocker sole shoes are increasingly marketed as toning shoes. Despite multiple brands available in the market differing in technical and design aspects, basic principle of working mechanism remains the same. ¬†Few shoes … Continue reading Toning of Shoes

Challenging Pain at Work in Corporate Life

Challenging Pain at Work in Corporate Life The nature of daily work at corporate/MNC involves less of physical activities. Adapting abnormal postures during work leads to recurrent joint pains, CTD (cumulative trauma disorders), RSI (repetitive stress injuries), RMI (repetitive motion injuries), and MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) are the common work related injuries in corporate life. Repetition … Continue reading Challenging Pain at Work in Corporate Life