Suhani Verma

I am very thank ful to the physio staff of fortis, hospital. They are very punctual, determined and hard working. I am specially thank ful to dr aakshi verma who understand the child psychology well and adapt accordingly. My child is recovering fast and this would not have been possible without her efforts. Thanks a lot.

Sunil Bajaj

I have been undergoing physiotherapy for frozen shoulder for the last 7 days under dr akankshi. It is giving me relief and movement and I am happy for the efforts dr put in to relief pain. Thanks.

Maan Singh

Exercises prescribed by surgical depart. Are being carried over by dr Shweta properly and with dedication. I am satisfied with the dealing and behavior of the staff.


Today I got really awesome training from physiotherapist about my troubles regarding back and shoulder pain. I came here so many times.


In Fortis Hospital, Physio depart. is very good. Dr speaks very politely with patients. They do 100% efforts to care their patients. The doctors are very cooperative with the patients. We are highly satisfied with the services provided by the hospital.