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Out Patient Services

Ortho Rehabilitation

We provide a comprehensive manual therapeutic approach to realign the mal-aligned structures in human body to manage pain effectively.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We provide tailor-made cardiac training program for efficient cardiac conditioning post heart surgeries & procedures like CABG, Angioplasty, Valve replacement & also for Coronary Artery Disorders (CAD).

Neuro Rehabilitation

We believe in Re-wiring the brain through a functional Re-learning approach. We also Re-train patients with Spinal injuries & disorders & other Congenital Peadiatric Adult Neuro muscular disorders with advanced Neuro Physiotherapy programs.

Sports Rehabilitation

We rehabilitate sports injuries in various sports & also work with movement analysis, Aerobic, Endurance & Vo2 max training for sports professionals to improve their performance in sports.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

We provide comprehensive intervention for patients with Chronic Respiratory Diseases to reduce symptoms, increase exercise tolerance, optimize functional status & increase participation for patients who are symptomatic & often have decreased daily life activities.

In Patient Services

  • Respiratory Physiotherapy
  • Limb Physiotherapy
  • Early Mobilization & Ambulation