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1. Is there link between ill fitting bra and back ache, neck ache and postural problems??

70-80% of women wear wrong sized bras. As its been warned by experts it causes chronic back pain, poor posture, neck pain, shoulder pain, heartburn and pinched nerves in neck leads to pins and needles sensation.
Narrow and ill fitting straps which dig into skin can also put strain on trapezius muscle and complex structures of shoulder joint.
Apart from the above mentioned issues there have been more of them; abrasions, breast pain, restricted breathing, skin rash, triggers digestive problems, premature sagging.


2. What are the effects of ill fitting lingerie??
We all need a well engineered bra so as our shoulders don’t end up doing all the work. Bras that don’t fit will affect shoulders and chest and will certainly cause back pain as you grow older. Wrong size often leads to tension across shoulder, arm, neck and upper and middle back. Skin complaints under bust area are one of the uncomfortable feelings that can not be carried all day long. Sports bra is not advised to be used all the time because it is even more constrictive then ordinary bras. Constantly having your breast tissue pushed inwards can cause circulation restriction or problems. Blockage of lymph nodes happens as lymphatic vessels are very thin can easily be compressed with constant minimum pressure. This pressure closes valves and vessels.

3. Most of the people think that only tight fitted bras cause problems, however are there any health effects of loose bras??
For every woman breast is important part of feminine appeal. Shapeless form of breast does not have sleek and elegant look. It looks more unattractive or drawing unnecessary attention. Scarring of breast underneath on each side is immediately noticeable as bra digs into the flesh or breast tissue. Inadequate support of bra that fits properly should not ride up the back nor should straps dig into the shoulders. Bad postures are starts developing for e.g. slouching instead of sitting. Breast ligaments may undergo irreversible damage because ill fitting and may lead to sagging. As we all know sagging spoils the size and shape of breast and fails to lift the breast and makes them heavier and to tend to sag them.
Advice- visit the store and get the breast size checked every time u shop as it keeps on changing because of hormonal, pregnancy, weight loss and other factors.


4. When it comes to panties what are the things that one should keep in mind??
Panties are not meant to be scratchy, pinching or unflattering. Followings one should keep in mind when it comes to panties

  • Resist  confusing between fashion and comfort
  • Choose the right size-utmost important
  • Look for quality fabrics
  • Check tightness of elastic bands.
  • Select cut or style that works for you.
  • Consider style or occasion.
  • Consider price and need.
  • Consider benefits of wearing seamless ones.
  • Remove tags after purchase.
  • Care for under wears properly.
  • Replace under wears regularly.